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“We love this book! It is going to be a big help to people who are getting bullied. When our daddy reads it to us at night, it's like we get to go on a really fun adventure! We love the doodles! It's like the best book ever & we really hope you like it too! 
 - Kaitlee & Evelyn (twins), Age 9

Bullying Is Waging War On Our Children...

The Bully Buster Journal is a battle plan for the bullied, that helps kids like Andy deal with conflict the rest of their life.

The affects of Bullying know no boundaries, it is wreaking havoc on all our future generations. It causes stress, depression and even death. Those who suffer as victims of bullying, whether young or old, NEED HELP.  

We believe The Bully Buster Journal answers this global problem!

Bullying  is a World-Wide Problem That Must Be Stopped!

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"I’m Andy Jones. If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a bully or two on your back..." 

Andy's arch nemesis is a bully named TOMMY MUGERSNOT, the worst bully in the universe!

ANDY JONES has tried everything... he's battled his bully by pumping iron, food fights, and he even tried to make a bully busting video.

But nothing worked until, the Space Invader, uNCLE DUG came for a visit and Andy learned an ancient secret from an ancient dude in an ancient book!

Andy's story has ALREADY helped so many kids & adults alike!


“Bully Busters is really good and super fun! I love the doodles! It teaches me things about bullies and life that I can put into practice. I'm going to tell all my friends about it." - Lizzy, Age 11

"A doodle of a Sermonator looking like a Terminator made me laugh! Bully Buster Journal is packed with action and fun and at the same time gives you something real to think about! Every kid should read it!” 
– Noah, Age 9

“Andy is geeky enough to be cool. Bully Buster Journal took me on a wild ride. Lots of twists and turns I didn't expect. It was a VERY FUN read!” 
– Sara, Age 12

"Bully Buster Journal speaks to me about my childhood. It reminds me that the secrets in the 'ancient book' are just waiting to be found. This is a STORY that I will definitely be reading to my children!” 
– Andrew, Age 36

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